Moving Forward.

I will strive to continue to move our community forward by serving, promoting and being part of our great city.


Meet Eric Jensen

With Pleasant Grove’s strong tradition and history behind us, we are moving forward in securing the best future for the upcoming generations. I have always strived to ensure our city services are secure and committed to this vision, so we can count on them in the future.

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My Priorities



Infrastructure has been a priority with my past 4 years and will continue to be. The city has focused on key services such as roads, water, secondary water, sewer and storm drain. We must always be focused on sustainable and maintainable services for our city.

Economic development

Pro-Business means a healthy business community for Pleasant Grove.  I will continue to be a strong voice for our economic development, in growing our sales tax base and providing for “open for business” climate that will bring in strong jobs, retail and commercial. 

quality of life

As we see our continued growth in our wonderful city, we must always be mindful of all our key services, how can we plan growth to achieve sustainable development that balances community well-being, economic energy and maintainable services. 



I have lived in Pleasant Grove for 29 years and currently serve on the Pleasant Grove City Council. Serving this city is about being the voice for you and giving back to this amazing community.My knowledge and experiences on the City Council, Planning Commission, Downtown Advisory Board, City Committees, Discovery Park and many others have allowed me to see the tireless efforts of those who are making Pleasant Grove a tremendous community. 

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Our Progress

Pleasant Grove has come a long ways in the last 4+ years. We’ve increased both our sales tax and business growth and had tremendous growth in our parks, rec programs and quality of life. This has all been made possible by you, our citizens by believing in our community.



Sales tax increase

Since 2015 our sales tax has increased 36%. That number is increasing every year with the continued economic growth in our city.


2019/20 Road budget

We’re spending more than ever before on maintaining our roads. We’ve increased our road budget from $310,000 in 2015 to $2.2M in 2019/20.

Quality of Life

Making a better community for our families

Were continually improving our parks, including Discovery Park, Downtown Park, Recreation Programs and Library Programs. This year we opened our new Public Safety facilities, which ensures our health, safety and welfare for years to come.